By Gian Franco 2021-02-17

This Adobong Talong (Eggplant Adobo) Recipe Will Make You Love Eggplant

Yes, you can recreate the luscious and savory taste of the original chicken/pork adobo.


The mysterious eggplant may not be on Americans’ list of prized vegetables, but the purple-hued ingredient is an essential to make the best comfort food favorites, salads, and appetizers from around the world. From the corners of Asia to some parts of Europe, eggplant is the centerpiece of deep-flavored dishes like the Hongshao Qiezi (Red-Cooked Eggplant) from southern China, Moussaka (Eggplant Casserole) from Greece, and Escalivada Catalana of Catalan cuisine. As more American customers are opting for vegan choices, fast food and restaurant establishments are starting to introduce eggplant to their salads and replace meat in their entrées.