By Gian Franco 2021-10-24

Filipino Salmon Recipes


Aside from tuna, salmon is probably one of the most popular seafood out there. The ray-finned fish is sought for its ivory-pink flesh that contains high levels of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Its tender, firm, and buttery meat makes salmon (e.g., the chinook or king salmon, Alaskan sockeye, etc.) an in-demand seafood choice in restaurants and supermarkets in the US.


At home, you can easily sub out your usual pescatarian recipes with stellar seafood dishes that uses salmon. Roast, broil, bake, grill, pan-fry, poach, or pan sear it – there’s a lot of ways to cook the heart-healthy favorite from its fillets to belly. These Filipino recipes for salmon that we are about to show you can be part of any diet, whether you subscribe to gluten-free, low-carb, paleo, keto, and so on. Salmon can help you lose weight and keep you satiated for several hours to discourage you from picking up that sugary mid-afternoon snack.


A good slab of the meat is incredibly tasty on its own but jazzing it up incorporates flavors you never knew were possible with salmon. Depending on where you are and the type of salmon you’re looking for, the fish can be expensive or really cheap. If the salmon dishes on this list fits the bill, just make sure you look for salmon that appears moist and reddish. Take a good look and avoid salmon that has brown or dark spots around the belly or edges of the fillet. The eyes should be clear and bright, the gills remain deep red, and the skin should NOT appear grey opaque. In the kitchen, salmon meat should turn pink when cooked. 



Sinigang na Salmon Belly

You can swap beef, pork or chicken for salmon to make this world-famous Filipino sour soup dish. Sinigang na salmon belly follows the traditional recipe of making the dish, but the richness and flavor of the tamarind-infused broth comes from the fatty and gelatinous cuts of the salmon belly. Throw in vegetables like eggplants, tomatoes, okra, and spinach to add crunch texture. Recipe here: