By Gian Franco 2021-08-29

Filipino Recipes that Use Sprite 


It’s no secret that Filipinos use soda as an essential ingredient for their traditional meat dishes. Often lacking the time and resources to tenderize meat using modern kitchen tools, Filipinos take the shortcut and use lemon-lime soda. Soda contains carbonic acid and phosphoric acid that makes the beverage acid. When you add citric acid, as in the case of lemon-lime offerings, the soda can be a potent tenderizer. It also acts as a sweetener when the sugar caramelizes under heat.


Any lemon-lime soda are good for cooking. Still, Filipinos have grown accustomed to the Sprite brand being a valuable culinary ingredient. The sweet, fizzy beverage enhances the flavor of any dishes it touches—from adobo to pork barbecue to porkchop. In this article, we will list the most common Filipino recipes that benefit from marinades and sauce infused with Sprite.