By Gian Franco 2021-10-31

Filipino Beef Kamto Recipes


Beef kamto is a lean beef cut in the Philippines that has very little fat, but lots of flavors when cooked properly. The meat comes from an area on the cow's body where there isn't much to work with or very little marbling which makes it tough and not as tasty if you try cooking this beef for Filipino dishes like menudo.

Beef kamto can form part of the sirloin, which means it comes from beef cattle's body between its ninth rib to twelfth rib. It also forms part of lower back region under loin primal cuts. The muscles in this beef cut are mainly used for standing/walking thus creating firm lean meat with less fat marbling than other beef cuts like tenderloin or strip steak.

Also spelled "camto", beef kamto has more connective tissues but contains high collagen concentration making them ideal for long hours of cooking to make it tenderized even more over time. You can try beef kamto in all sorts of recipes. Even if you don't feel like cooking a Filipino beef dish, the beef cut is versatile enough to add to many other types of dishes as well.


Because it has a long grain and is a tough cut of meat, the beef kamto benefits highly from a marinade. It's fantastic when grilled or seared like steak. You can also braise it to make beef stew if you overcook the dish which will result in flavorful beef dishes. You could also stir-fry the beef with vegetables for an easy meal that's filled with healthy ingredients from nature! The grains are very thick so be careful not to overcook this cut of meat as you'll end up with an unappealing meal.


The beef cut can be sliced thinly and cooked as part of the main dish or kept whole and just have it cooked longer until tender enough. Flank steak tends to work better if prepared this way. Just remember not to slice against the grain since doing so will make it tough instead of soft and can turn an otherwise delicious meal into something else entirely. Slice too thickly or wrong way? You may end up with beef better off as part of a rich stew than served as its own dish.


It's not very common in the US so you may need to go online or ask your butcher if they have this beef cut available for purchase. To sum it up, here are our tips should you have the fast cooking skills and steady hand to try cooking this beef cut:


• Marinate beef kamto before cooking to tenderize the meat.
• Use high heat when searing beef kamto, do not overcook it.
• Slice beef against grain prior to serving.



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