By Gian Franco 2021-10-17

Fiber-Rich Recipes with Fried Tofu to Try This Weekend


The month of October is typically a busy month in the US. Temperatures drop, the leaves turn brown, and everyone seems to be occupied with their personal projects and priorities before the year rushes out of the door. This is also the time of the year when we start to be conscious of our eating habits as the Halloween decorations remind us of the plethora of holiday foods towards December.


Luckily, October is also the season of broccoli, eggplant, bok choy, and fresh greens like kale, spinach, and lettuce. These veggies are essentially your best choices for filling up on vitamins and nutrients to boost your immunity during the COVID-19 pandemic.


But, of course, you also need protein. You might be exploring a plant-based alternative for this one – enter tofu. As meat processing plants encountered supply chain problems all over the country, tofu suddenly became the staple protein source simply because it was available during the pandemic. Before COVID-19, tofu was less attractive and a tough nut to crack. Americans couldn’t get the trick for making tofu really crispy (Tip: press water out of your tofu cubes before cooking). 


Then, in 2020, tofu was officially welcomed to mainstream takeout orders and home-cooked dishes of Americans. Tofu’s clout skyrocketed because it’s affordable, healthy, and the best choice for omnivores who wanted to limit animal protein intake in light of the narrative of COVID-19 origin.


Fast forward to 2021, and tofu’s still a thing, thanks to cooking inspirations all over Tiktok. If you’re reading to get some ideas, look no further. Read on as we give you Filipino-inspired recipe ideas for the hearty and cheap ingredient. 


Tofu with Soy-Ginger Sauce


This recipe features a zesty oriental sauce on small squares of tofu with fresh mushrooms. All you need is 20 minutes to finish cooking the dish. Start by deep drying tofu until golden brown then drain the oil on paper towels to be set aside. Next, saute the aromatics – including leeks and mushroom – in the remaining oil. Then, add the rest of the ingredients like rice vinegar, rice wine, and Chinese soy sauce into the mix before throwing in your fried tofu. Full recipe here: