By Gian Franco 2021-08-29

5 Delicious Sinigang Versions You Need to Try


Sinigang is probably the most underrated traditional Filipino dish abroad. It’s not getting the love it deserves because Western palate is just not used to the tarty and fruity broth. In the Philippines, it’s a staple dish for all seasons and everybody loves the marriage of sour and umami of the meat. Rainy days, most especially, call for a warm bowl of sinigang that comforts the soul and make you feel lively. The fork-tender meat and medley of crispy vegetables makes sinigang the perfect stew to have over and over again.


Nowadays, Filipinos’ love for the dish has generated different approaches to the recipe with unique backstories. Some recipes are created with a sense of abundance, while some barely play by the (cook)book. Nonetheless, many versions of sinigang earned their way to the pantheon of all-time great Filipino dishes found in iconic restaurants. While national standards for cooking sinigang is under development, any creative twist that preserves the spirit is more than welcome.